Our High School Students Reach New Heights

We have now completed the Fall 2016 Semester and the Spring is underway. We will do our very best to harness the positive momentum our school built the 2nd half of the Fall semester. Student effort and grades soared to new levels thanks the above and beyond effort from the entire staff. Here are some results:

  • 30 Students Qualified for the Principal’s Honor Roll (3.5 and Above) Up 10 from the previous report card
  • 20 Students qualified for Honor Roll (3.0 and above) up 2 from Previous Report Card
  • 14 Students remained on Academic Probation (under a 2.0) Down from 32 at the previous report card period
  • 2 SPED Students made the honor roll
  • 8 Students Earned a 4.0 GPA

The Spring semester will be structured with more specialization of classes to meet student needs. An Honors Algebra and English class has been formed along with an English Learners support and Reading Intervention class. With these valuable additions we plan to continue supporting students and expect that all will meet their potential.

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