Special Announcment:

Dear Parents,

The goal of Prepa Tec has always been twofold:

First and foremost, to prepare your child with the necessary education required to gain admissions to a major university and to demonstrate by virtue of their attitudes and actions a deep understanding and reflection of the IB Learner profile.

Secondly, and just as importantly, our goal and my commitment to you as the Principal is to provide an environment that is both safe and supportive for the families that comprise our community.

Today I want to focus on the second goal and let all of you know that we are well aware of the new legislation that has been signed by our current President Donald Trump. Throughout the history of our country (and it is everyone’s country that has formed a life here), politicians have made promises they do not necessarily mean to keep.

President Trump is no different.

During the campaign he went as far as saying he was going to send everyone back that was not documented. For now we do not know if he will actually sign that legislation. What we do know right now, is that a wall on the border will be built, that more detention centers will be built, that more border agents will be employed and that the definition of a crime has been expanded to include individuals simply “accused of a crime”.

But we also know that he first claimed he would change the Dreamer Act and students would not be able to attend public colleges, and to date he has mentioned not completing that step.
Only the future will tell what he will and what he will not do as President and how it will affect the Latino community.

For today I share this:

We want every family to view the staff here at Prepa Tec as a source for information and support. Regardless of the scenario facing your family, even if it includes a criminal matter, bring it to our attention if you feel we might be able to help. I can assure you we have many resources available to us that you may not be aware exist.

Nevertheless I feel it necessary to also share that now is the time to act as a family and counsel each other and especially your children away from committing any crimes or exhibiting any behavior that does not constitute model citizenship. The fact that The Dreamers are safe for now is reason enough to believe that families which are focused on progressing and excelling in education might be given more latitude.

Finally, in effort to confirm that we are here at all times for your family I am including the contact information for Mr. Alejandro Munoz, who is the Director of Outreach and is dedicated to helping in our communication to families. He can be reached any day of the week at any time at (323) 898- 2528.


Principal Salas

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