The 2017-18 School Year Is Now Underway

The 2017-18 School year is now underway and Prepa Tec Los Angeles High School is ready for a year full of amazing challenges. First and foremost is the opening our two new locations. The 10th Grade Campus is located in the City of Bell and the 9th Grade Campus at Huntington Park High school. Both locations offer a unique and improved high school experience with larger classrooms, science labs, sports facilities, the latest technology plus much more. 2017-18 also brings a new partnership with East Los Angeles College which has enabled us to offer college level courses at PTLAHS starting September 5, 2017. Students can take UC and CSU transferrable classes without needing to travel to the junior college campus. This Fall we are able to offer Heath and Robotics. In addition to our honors classes, we are offering AP Spanish in 10th grade along with Algebra II for students that “pushed ahead” in math by attending our accelerated Geometry class this Summer. During the 2017-18 School year will also start the WAS Accreditation process, expand our bus service to help more students reach PTLAHS, increase the number students playing JV and Varsity sports and reach many other goals. 2017-18 will be a great year. Go Lions!

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