School Goals


This year, for the first time ever, we would like to share our schoolwide goals for the year. These goals are data-based and were created by the administrative team of Mrs. Cecilia Marquez, Dean of Students, Ms. Cari Downey, Data and Testing Coordinator, and Mrs. Kimberly Stern, IB MYP Coordinator.

  1. Attendance Goal: 98% Attendance Rate
  2. Absence Goal: 0 Students missing 16 or more days
  3. Suspension Goal: 0%
  4. Power School Goal: 20 or fewer Power School Teacher Behavioral Referral entries daily
  5. Average Milestone and SBAAC Interim Assessment increase of 10%.
  6. Of approximately 80 English Learners at Prepa Tec, we should be able to reclassify 50%.
  7. 100% of student IEP goals met for the year.
  8. A school average of 10% quarterly growth with each milestone assessment, as compared to the baseline assessments, in each content area.
  9. ELA SBAC(Smarter Balance Consortium) Goal:
    • Minimal Goal: 28% Meet Standards, 16% Exceed Standards
    • Optimal Goal: 60% of all students meeting or exceeding the standards
  10. MATH SBAC (Smarter Balance Consortium) Goal Grade 8:
    • Minimal Goal: 24% Meet Standards, 19%Exceed Standards
    • Optimal Goal: 60% of all students meeting or exceeding the standards
  11. BIG IB GOAL: A fully authorized International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program

Related IB Goals:

  1. 100% of 8th graders participate in the Community Project this year
  2. At least 75% of all units are written, taught, assessed as MYP units of study
  3. 100% of teachers use IB MYP rubrics for assessments and a conversion chart to enter traditional grades in PowerSchool
  4. All students will earn at least a 4 on the MYP rubrics of 1-8. They will either
    maintain or increase their achievement levels.
  5. 80% of students will demonstrate increased achievement levels in IB MYP rubrics – at least 1 Achievement Level or more by the end of the year
  6. At least 2 peer observations per teacher per year
  7. 100% of classrooms, hallways, offices, and buses visibly show that PTLAMS is an
    MYP school

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