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FOOD DRIVE! – ¡Campaña de Alimentos!

FOOD DRIVE! Help Ms. Villarreal’s Fifth Grade Exhibition homelessness group with their food drive. We can stand together to stop homelessness! —– ¡Campaña de Alimentos! Ayuda al grupo de personas sin hogar de la Quinta Exhibición de la Sra. Villarreal con su campaña de alimentos. ¡Podemos unirnos para detener la...   Read More

Book Drive! – Campaña de libros!

Book Drive! Please help Ms. Gallegos’ 5th Grade Exhibition ‘’Why Can’t Girls go to School‘’ group with their book drive! . Campaña de libros! ¡Por favor ayuden a la exposición de quinto grado de la maestra, Sra. Gallegos ” ¿Por qué las niñas no pueden ir a la escuela ”...   Read More

Parent University

Come and joy us February 22nd, to learn new and interesting ways that you can help your child with their math homework. It is important that we make learning fun. Academia Moderna wants our students to engage with their homework and to be excited with learning new subjects.

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