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Parents, during this time of school closure due to COVID-19, the following has been set up for  your students to continue their education:

Students are to log onto ManageBac for all lessons and assignments.  Students are to complete weekly assignments and upload them to ManageBac as assigned by the teacher.  Teachers will post lessons and assignments every Friday for the upcoming week. If students or parents have a question please contact the teacher at the email address listed below.

Students who do not have the internet are to notify the office that they need to pick up a packet with lessons and assignments either at the Stafford campus or at the Gage campus.

Packets will be made available every Monday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  Completed packets are to be returned the following Monday when a new packet is to be picked up.  For example, you will pick up a packet on April 13th and return it the following Monday, April 20th when you pick up a new packet.

Please feel free to contact the school via phone or email:

Stafford Campus:  323.800.3301
Gage Campus:  323.800.2743

Front Office Staff
Aguirre Victor Head of School
Contreras Victor Counselor
Newell Marc Assistant Head of School-Stafford
Ortega Edgar Assistant Head of School-Gage
Cuevas Naomi Office manager (Gage)
Nicholson Sylvia Office Manager(Stafford)
Hernandez Priscilla Attendance Clerk (Gage)
Meza Marcy Meal Clerk (Stafford)


Expanded Learning (After-School Program) 12
Armenta Steven Youth Leader
Juarez Karina Youth Leader
Romero Berline Site Coordinator
Zacarias Byron Youth Leader
Zelada Alejandra Senior Youth Leader


Last Name First Name Assignment Work eMail Address Zoom Hours / eMail Hours

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

Stafford Site Teachers
Caceres Hannah Lang Lit 11am-12pm / 12pm-1pm
De La Cruz Elvia Spanish 12pm-1pm / 3pm-4pm
Dubon Salena Individuals & Societies 12pm-1pm / 9am-10am
Guillen Lisa Math 10am-11am / 9am-10am
Longo Guilia Science 8am-9am / 9am-10am
Najera Wendy PE 11am-12pm / 10am-11am
Quinonez Anthony Design 2pm-3pm / 3pm-4pm
Son Eric Art 3pm-4pm / 2pm-3pm
Gage Site Teachers
Abela Christine English 9am-10am / 10am-11am
Andreas Andre Design 10 9am-10am /10am-11am
Bates Robert Social Studies 1pm-2pm / 2pm-3pm
Chung Joshua Social Science 9am-10am / 10am-11am
Coutant Emily Art 2pm-3pm / 3pm-4pm
De La Cruz Elvia Spanish 12pm-1pm / 3pm-4pm
Ellis Matthew Bio/ESS 12pm-1pm / 1pm-2pm
Higley Dean Chemistry 12pm-1pm / 11am-12pm
Lee Shin Math 8am-9am / 9am-10am
Mendoza Jose Math 3pm-4pm / 2pm-3pm
Ochoa Elsa Spanish 11am-12pm / 12pm-1pm
Quinones Uriel TOK 9am-10am /10am-11am
Robinson Emelia English 10am-11am / 11am-12pm
Solorzano Michelle PE 9am-10am / 10am-11am
De La Cruz Karina Special Education Teacher 8am-9am / 9am-10am
Guzman Walter Special Education Teacher 10am-11am / 11am-12pm
Bolanos Robert Special Education Teacher 12pm-1pm / 1pm-2pm
Villalobos Yvette Special Ed Aide/Clerk 2pm-3pm / 3pm-4pm




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