Head of School – Message

Dearest Prepa Tec Los Angeles Middle School Families,

PTLAMS would like to express it’s deepest gratitude for choosing PTLAMS as the school of choice for your student. As next year’s Head of School, I can say we are already hard at work designing the educational program for your child. PTLAMS seeks to incorporate our four pillars, LRFL (Learn, Rigor, Family and Lead) in all aspects of the program we offer. You can expect that your student will learn through rigorous delivery of the California Common Core State Standards within the framework of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IBMYP). The IBMYP incorporates a global lens with which students, families and staff are to look at what is being learned and then seek how they may incorporate their learning to find solutions to issues and deliver those solutions to those in need. As students build upon this avenue of learning and action, students naturally develop the skills to lead. This leadership may then serve the world, nation, community, household/school or themselves to reach new heights of successful acquisition of goals.

We are excited for this upcoming school year, as it will provide a full authorization of the IBMYP Program. We are also excited about the many additional faces in leadership and staff that are here with a common purpose to take PTLAMS to the next level. Be prepared to have a lot asked of you as a student, as we can not settle for “adequate”, we are striving for “great.” This is a shout out to all PTLAMS students and families: If you truly desire success, you will accomplish what you set out to do. Set your goals high and then strive to get there and NEVER give up.

We will all do this together.

Go Lions!!

Mr. Baxter


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